Virtuésse™ Testimonials:
"My hair is the ultimate accessory – it's the only one that goes with me everywhere."

“It wasn’t for my husband or my friends or anyone else. It was for me, and it’s perfect.”

“After a devastating illness I had to put my life back together. Virtuésse helped me feel beautiful again -- and free to do everything I love.”

Women have been waiting forever for this

Whether it’s from horribly thinning hair, alopecia, chemical treatments or medical problems, hair loss has always been more of a problem for women than for men – because women depend much more on their style to express themselves.

Yet it took all this time to come up with a great alternative to wigs, weaves and clip-ons. Now the technique that makes Hollywood TV, and stage stars glamorous and confident has come to your town – so you can go to town in style! It’s been featured everywhere, and now you can feel right at home with Virtuésse by Virtual Reality.

Virtuésse caters to your dreams: we match your color, style and texture, and Virtuésse doesn’t ask you to do anything at home other than brush and go.

In less than an hour, you’ll see the great look Virtuésse™ gives you...

...and then gives you all this as well at no extra cost:

  • An international network of independent, licensed VR studios where only VR Elite customers can get service at no additional charge
  • The artistry of expert technicians at Certified Concept Studios, trained in our specialized procedures
  • The style that suits you – with no home maintenance
  • The Dermalens skin-like membrane, which gives you a mirror-ready appearance and the option to change your style anytime you like
  • Automatic upgrade to the latest technology


A full head of natural hair guaranteed at your first appointment


  • This studio offers a free hair and scalp evaluation worth as much as $250.
  • Free analysis of your Annual Rate of Hair Loss (ARHL) to help you make the right decision based on evidence.
  • Ask about our unbelievable $390 trial offer.

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